Frate-meu se insoara

Il mai stiti pe Rahul, fratiorul meu adoptiv din India? Mno, baiatul este in focurile organizarilor, peste nu putina vreme urmeaza sa se insoare. Hai sa va arat putin cam ce se intampla acolo:

Rahul and Sushma indian wedding Rahul indian wedding Sushma indian wedding


Mai are sens sa va spun cat de tare ne-am fi dorit sa fim alaturi de ei?


I look like a regular person. I live like a regular person. I even speak like a regular person (sometimes). But my inner core is made from the souls of the past nomads. I wander, I get lost, very often I get sidetracked. But I never stray too far from my nomadic core. It is who I am. I’m always looking to get past borders, limits and “no, you should not”s or “you should”s. I’m always searching, always longing, even though I know there is no end, there is no final answer. But all my quests are taking me closer to my own people: you, the other nomads of this world. And I’m always grateful when I get to meet you. You, the nomads of this world, are the fabric of true life. A shared story, a shared cup of tea or stale piece of bread from last month, a smile or just a simple welcome, a shared dream – this is what travelling is all about for me. Welcome to my world – welcome to my fantasy.

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