Spring Ride March 2019

Everyone around says that spring it’s here. So we went looking for it and some snowdrops. But we somewhat missed the part where spring it’s a bit shy in the mountains side, so we ended up finding ice-falls instead of snowdrops.

No complains though as it was a really great opportunity to test the new tires and chain-set plus a little of potholes infested roads and some muddy parts. All in all it was great ride: over 850Km, 1600m at the highest point, between below 0 and 26 C overall and lots of snow and ice around us.

Spring Ride March 2019 - image 1

The route:
Cluj-Napoca , Buru, Campeni, Brad, Deva, Hateg, Petrosani (plenty of twisties for this part of the ride:D ), Cabana Groapa Seaca, Obarsia Lotrului, Targu Jiu, Horezu, Ramnicu Valcea, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca.


I look like a regular person. I live like a regular person. I even speak like a regular person (sometimes). But my inner core is made from the souls of the past nomads. I wander, I get lost, very often I get sidetracked. But I never stray too far from my nomadic core. It is who I am. I’m always looking to get past borders, limits and “no, you should not”s or “you should”s. I’m always searching, always longing, even though I know there is no end, there is no final answer. But all my quests are taking me closer to my own people: you, the other nomads of this world. And I’m always grateful when I get to meet you. You, the nomads of this world, are the fabric of true life. A shared story, a shared cup of tea or stale piece of bread from last month, a smile or just a simple welcome, a shared dream – this is what travelling is all about for me. Welcome to my world – welcome to my fantasy.

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  1. Halford says:

    Frumoasa tara! Bravo tie, calatorule! 😉

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