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Part 5 – crossing South Kazakhstan

The next day though was one of the first decision point of the journey. All the the gang was planning to stay for one or more days on Aktau, to rest and/or take care of visa papers for the next parts of their journey. But I was already very tempted to push forward so that I could have a chance to get into Mongolia in time for Naadam, their national festivities.

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Part 3 – crossing Georgia on fast forward

Here I am at the border between north Turkey and Georgia. Even though it was a long ride I have taken advantage of the fast (and police free ūüôā ) roads of Turkey and arrived quite early and quite rested. After a very uneventful exit from Turkey and an even easier customs on the Georgian side, I had the first stumble of the day: in order to ride (or drive) in Georgia you need an insurance for your vehicle.

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Part 2 – north side of Turkey

It was already late afternoon and I still had more than 250Km to go (according to my goal of sleeping somewhere close to Istanbul and close to the Black Sea beach) – but what the heck, this was my first day of the adventure. So I’ve went all-in, of course against all good advices everywhere: “especially during the first days, take it slow and don’t do long miles days”. Yeah, right :D.

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Mongolia and back overland – Visas

Oh boy, this is a tricky one. To give you an upfront spoiler, while documenting and making arrangements for all the required visas I’ve said to myself that, if I can pull it through, this will be my most complex logistics project ever. Well, I did pulled it through – and I was not that far from the truth at all, it really was complicated.

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Mongolia and back overland – The route

Since I’m honest all the way and this is an actual “after” post, the real final route was a bit different. It’s available here and except for the Mongolia part (and a bit before and after) this map is based on actual GPS tracks. A wee bit under 30.000 Km – so I still have my skills of lengthening any routes that I’m planning :D. My Garmin Zumo tricked me into losing some of the recorded tracks, so the Mongolia parts had to be recreated manually.