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Part 3 – crossing Georgia on fast forward

Here I am at the border between north Turkey and Georgia. Even though it was a long ride I have taken advantage of the fast (and police free 🙂 ) roads of Turkey and arrived quite early and quite rested. After a very uneventful exit from Turkey and an even easier customs on the Georgian side, I had the first stumble of the day: in order to ride (or drive) in Georgia you need an insurance for your vehicle.

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Part 2 – north side of Turkey

It was already late afternoon and I still had more than 250Km to go (according to my goal of sleeping somewhere close to Istanbul and close to the Black Sea beach) – but what the heck, this was my first day of the adventure. So I’ve went all-in, of course against all good advices everywhere: “especially during the first days, take it slow and don’t do long miles days”. Yeah, right :D.